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Clock screensavers and widgets: play with Time as you want!
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Rainforest Milk ScreenSaver v.3
Fresh feelings of an early morning are drifting into your open heart. Connect with full breathing of the ever-resting forest galaxy. Your eyes are shining with soft and vivid happiness. You mind is filling with resting meditative vibrations.
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Magic Tree Clock ScreenSaver v.2.3
Clocks don't grow on common trees. But what about the magic trees? Sometimes the mirracles happen. We have cultivated the special magical tree with the real clock on its branch. It can show the current time and cheer your moods the year round.
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Aquarium Clock ScreenSaver v.2.3
Even aquarium fishes want to know the current time. They need very special clock with flexible hands crawling through the clock face second after the second to amuse the small fishes and rise your spirits.
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Liquid Clock ScreenSaver v.2.4
Every second of our life is precious. The sixty seconds form a very precious minute. The sixty minutes form even more preciuos hour. The 24 hours form the invaluable day. Let's try to remember that preciousness and let your days be unique and happy!
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Fiesta Clock ScreenSaver v.2.8
The ancient tower clock in a seaside town with crystal clear sky, sunny serene ocean, ships and yachts in a charming bay, little houses on a warm fertile land. Get into this magic world where the time is going slowly, nobody hurries up. Soft vivid colors calm your mind and make you feel good.
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Color Therapy Clock ScreenSaver v.2.8
Fill your environment with delicate rich colours. Charge your mood with positive tender beaming. Feel your breath go smoother, your heart beat livelier and your mind get brighter! Reward yourself with beauty and share goodness with your beloved.
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Dragon Clock ScreenSaver v.3.0
Dragon is capable of bringing welfare signifying success, leadership and protection. With dragon assistance you discover insight within you to use full of your potential. Let in this powerful animal into your life as a source of enthusiasm and clarity.
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Radiant Clock ScreenSaver v.2.3
Days look the same dull gray? Install Radiant Clock and it'll sparkle days with wonderful colors that will give a refreshing new feeling to you. Every time Radiant Clock starts, the clock face will be of a new color, each time livelier than before.
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Misty Valley Clock ScreenSaver v.3   new
Tender Wind in misty valley is playing with summer flowers. Make a pause in your undertakings and dream of loose holiday in the wild! Enjoy the glorious view, touch the air and flower scent. You are happy, you are open to Nature!
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Downtempo into space ScreenSaver v.3   new
By the power of fancy we can float beyond conceptual framework and daily routine. Choose your way of inventing fresh motives for your sophisticated freedom, it's sweet spot to dream in the fullness of your heart. Hasteless stream of mind mirrors eternal rhythm and leaves you clear-headed.
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Music City Clock ScreenSaver v.3   new
Lilac night tempts you into free space of imagination. The Music city will enchant deep corners of your inner space. Set off on a peculiar visual trip, intriguing spiral invites you into romance with mystical vibration.
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Time Particles ScreenSaver v.3   new
Lucid silhouettes of the Time Particles screensaver provide keys to contemplation revealing latent abilities of universal mind. Progressive minimalism of pure energies illuminates harmonic unity of thought, time, and shape. Configure your longing for continuous upward motion towards well-weighed balance.
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3D Space Clock ScreenSaver v.2.3
Wanna feel the pulse of the informaion age and harmonize your everyday rythms with the natural space cycles? Put 3D Space Clock to your screen! It will turn your PC to a Gate into the Space of Joy and eternal cosmic feast. The magical energy of the Zodiac constellations will help to increase the quality of your time. Just let the boundaries of your consciousness expand!
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Teddy Bears Clock ScreenSaver v.2.3
Teddy Bears Clock Screensaver is designed to fill your heart with positive emotions. Please, welcome a friendly Teddy Bear with a cute look on his face. It represents the love and care for people of all ages. Admire Teddy Bears sitting on a grass surrounded by fancy looking flowers and butterflies. There is also a classy-designed clock with different-colored hands and curved digits. This screensaver is a great present for your beloved ones.
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Middle Ages clock ScreenSaver v.3   new
Middle Ages Clock opens one the most fascinating pages of World Art. You touch a mixture of religious and zodiac symbols and watch pictures of Medieval social and folk life as reminiscences of great artists. This new clock is a must for an art lover!
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Sprinkle Clock ScreenSaver v.2.3
Sprinkle Clock is a new clock that use leaves as its hands. Decorate your desktop with this original time measuring tool and always know the current time!
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Paris Clock ScreenSaver v.3   new
Open your window into the most romantic city on Earth. Paris is smiling in its elegant beauty! Be amazed as fragrant wine, picturesque avenue and shapely tower come to life on your desktop! Paris Clock is a chance to follow Paris life around the clock!
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Magic Forest Clock ScreenSaver v.2.8
Get into the most enchanted world of the Secret Life of Forest! Tiny discreet glow-worms enlighten mysteries of the Forest before your dazed eyes! Fantastic mushrooms whisper implicit spells for you to be oriented here!
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