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Cosy Christmas Clock ScreenSaver v.3   new
The charming new Christmas screensaver will give you cosy feelings during the Christmas season. Feel the warm light flowing from the screen and filling your heart. Touch the enchanting glory of simple pleasures and luminous beauty of the coming relax.
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Sparkling Forest Clock ScreenSaver v.3   new
We wait for the merriest of holidays in sparkling forest! Smiling snowmen arrange everything in skillful friendly manner and prepare special treats and intricate presents. Air is filled with real holiday spirit that can easily penetrate into your room!
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Elephants Clock ScreenSaver v.3   new
Golden sands of eternal time and resting heat of great sun! Family of relict animals appears stately on your screen while sultry nature comes alive and echoes its songs in splendor of tranquility! Sit back and let your mind drift in meditative manner.
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Middle Ages clock ScreenSaver v.3   new
Middle Ages Clock opens one the most fascinating pages of World Art. You touch a mixture of religious and zodiac symbols and watch pictures of Medieval social and folk life as reminiscences of great artists. This new clock is a must for an art lover!
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Deer Christmas Clock ScreenSaver v.3   new
Deer are symbols of gifts coming on time for all to be pleased at Christmas. This clock helps you feel the magic of coming major holiday time. Deep into the peaceful setting with the unique charm of Christmas buried in the heart of the true forest.
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Sea Breeze Clock ScreenSaver v.2.3   new
Sea breeze tenderly whispers secret legends of the ocean, it is only you and the vast green-blue universe around. You always tried to hold the wheel steady, but now you can relax, in fact you are one with everything around.
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Coco Clock ScreenSaver v.2.3
Time is a substance from which everything in our world is made. Time is basic fluid that circulates inside, and makes every object of nature live in its own rhythm. Coco Clock screensaver will show you the unseen rhythm of time in a coconut.
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Gold Fish Clock ScreenSaver v.2.3   new
Do you like fishes? Do you need a new clock? What's about a Fish Clock? The Gold Fish could realise your dreams. Wish on a Fish while checking the current time! Let your wishes come true!
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Bubble Clock ScreenSaver v.2.3   new
Time comes in drops. They are slowly dripping onto the glass sheet of the ocean, producing ripples. Only those ripples are not in space, they are in time. Bubble Clock will help you turn every happy moment into eternity. You only need to wish for it.
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Snowy Clock ScreenSaver v.2.3   new
Placating small clock screensaver. You can see a peaceful and quiet place, devoid of bustle, somewhere on the outskirts of a skiing resort. Immerse into the atmosphere of imperturbable serenity, watching the small cute clock catching the snowflakes.
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Mouse Clock ScreenSaver v.2.3   new
Sun is smiling to the rainbow, fluffy clouds in the sky, careless bird is their neighbour and colorful butterfly. Little mouse rings a bluebell, what the time is can you tell?
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Magic Bubble Clock ScreenSaver v.2.3   new
The millions of soap bubbles spring up every day. Some of them disappear just after few moments. Others could fly high in the sky. Only the one bubble has a clock face and hands over his surface. This magic bubble clock paints the time in rainbow colors and fills it with joy and happy surprises.
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Nature Harmony Clock ScreenSaver v.2.8
The two greatest energies meet on the scene of the new clock! Fluid watery structure of the world and blooming element of earth. Enjoy two smiling lovely girls symbolizing natural harmony and fling yourself whole-heartedly into the gorgeous picture!
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Hedgehog Clock ScreenSaver v.3   new
The bouncy team of little hedgehogs is marching vigorous of step uniting space, time and the jolly rhythm. See how nicely they are combined with spirited music! The time of the hedgehogs is coming. Call them into your PC they will be happy to be your friends!
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Flowers Clock ScreenSaver v.3   new
Glorious colors and festive mood are pouring before your eyes and ensure high spirits in everyday life! Choose your favorite flower as symbols of love, peace, beauty or ever-blooming life! Flower parade is taking place on your desktop! Turn your life into the most splendid happy festival!
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Gandalf Bubble Clock ScreenSaver v.3   new
Present time Gandalf is blowing bubbles of wisdom and telling us stories of eternal time. He is here with you to remind about desired intimacy with Nature and many chances to dream up your reality and unfold unlimited imagination and serene existence.
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Tender Clock ScreenSaver v.3.0   new
Wholly absorbing tranquility awaits you with this new gentle-coloured screensaver. Oceans of tenderness and skies of affection are easily imagined when you capture it on your screen. Let delicate flower beauty wrap your feelings and calm your senses!
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Rainbowland Clock ScreenSaver v.2.3
Rainbowland Clock will snatch a minute for you to relax and travel to a far-faraway country, where the foaming sea washes the shores covered with ever-blossoming flowers. You will enjoy the lively dance of colors and take a piece of rainbow with you.
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Cowboy Clock ScreenSaver v.2.3
Wild West, a vast land of unlimited freedom and do-or-die courage, beat-up Stetson and rough whiskey, quick lasso and wicked outlaws. Appearances might be different these days but its spirit is still there! Lasso the time and cheer your moods!
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Fractal Sun Clock ScreenSaver v.2.8
Join the storm of the Sun! Always be at the peak of the solar cycle! Make a fractal snapshot imprinted in the solar wind! Feel the Sun magnetic field bringing you power, light, and happiness!
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