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  Nature Clock screensavers:
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Misty Valley Clock ScreenSaver v.3   new
Tender Wind in misty valley is playing with summer flowers. Make a pause in your undertakings and dream of loose holiday in the wild! Enjoy the glorious view, touch the air and flower scent. You are happy, you are open to Nature!
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Chameleon Clock ScreenSaver v.3.0   new
The vigilant chameleon sits solemnly on your desktop adapting its camouflage to the natural tropical environment. Be amazed at the handsome creature perfect in grace and majesty! Let it be the symbol of security and magical transformation for your daily life!
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Sunny Bubbles Clock ScreenSaver v.2.9   new
Sunny Bubbles Clock offers you the spirit of childhood free of past and future thoughts. You fall into the full of present moment with glowing sunny mood and lightness of rainbow-colored bubbles. And all worries are carried away with these shimmering bubbles of time.
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Water Stream Clock ScreenSaver v.3   new
The never-ending stream of joyful river gives an attractive picture to make a pause and contemplate your inner thoughts. Imagine yourself sitting among the tree branches and swinging your legs in a bright moment of easy heart and airy mood.
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Everlasting Flowering Clock ScreenSaver v.2.8
Join the space of timeless summer, unlimited skies, and herbs rich with sunlight! Enjoy butterflies vitality and float into the world of everlasting flowering which waits for you any moment you are ready to feel full of featheriness and easy happiness.
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7art Foliage Clock ScreenSaver v.2.8
Withdraw into the mighty ocean of ripe foliage and seem to smell the freshness of moist forest streaming into your setting. Always be in touch with the core of pure green nature which enables you to feel fluidity and smooth expanding of never-in-hurry Time.
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Fiesta Clock ScreenSaver v.2.8
The ancient tower clock in a seaside town with crystal clear sky, sunny serene ocean, ships and yachts in a charming bay, little houses on a warm fertile land. Get into this magic world where the time is going slowly, nobody hurries up. Soft vivid colors calm your mind and make you feel good.
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Full Moon Clock ScreenSaver v.2.8
Full Moon is the enchanted culmination of all powers. Take this great opportunity to meditate on the beautiful night sight and be sure to make your innermost wish and set positive intentions! Full Moon Clock is a wonderful reminder of the magic time and a prefect gift for your beloved.
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Magic Forest Clock ScreenSaver v.2.8
Get into the most enchanted world of the Secret Life of Forest! Tiny discreet glow-worms enlighten mysteries of the Forest before your dazed eyes! Fantastic mushrooms whisper implicit spells for you to be oriented here!
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Fire Element Clock ScreenSaver v.2.7
Fire is the element of energy, assertiveness, and passion. Fire occupies a place between earth and air among the elemental spheres. Fire Element Clock will help the rest elements with its vigor and humor.
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Water Element Clock ScreenSaver v.2.7
The Water Element resembles in its wisdom and everlasting strength the absolute energy of the Universe. Contemplate the ocean waves in hundreds of sparkling blue shades! Rest your eyes on the bouncy splashes taking the shape of the whirling time.
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Sky Flight Clock ScreenSaver v.2.8
Time is a flight. Flight of hope, flight of expectation. When you see that the sky is a million-shade blue, when you feel stars glistening in your thoughts, and are not afraid of ever-changing weather.
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Oasis Clock ScreenSaver v.2.7
The warm tropical sun is going down the spilling rivers of gold down the waterfall. It has thrown peculiar shadows all around the palm trees. The air is delicious and smells juicy. It even seems that the face of Oasis Clock is slowly getting tanned.
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Aquarium Clock ScreenSaver v.2.3
Even aquarium fishes want to know the current time. They need very special clock with flexible hands crawling through the clock face second after the second to amuse the small fishes and rise your spirits.
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Summer Rain Clock ScreenSaver v.2.4
Feel the summer rain freshness on your face! Let the rainbow colours in! Touch the nature freedom with your hands! And then you are not afraid of quickly running time! You just relax and let your life go, and it's the austere clock that keeps count.
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Tulip Clock ScreenSaver v.2.3
Tulip is a symbol of life, perfect love and immortality. Tulips symbolize the middle of Spring with the brazen-faced and slaphappy butterflies. Gather all the pleasures of May together and switch them on any day a year with expressively ticking Tulip Clock!
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Laputa Flying Castle Clock ScreenSaver v.2.4
The graceful vintage clock leads you into the fictional flying rock of Laputa connecting the mystical world of Jonathan Swift and the fabulous land of Miyazaki anime-art. The magic staircase shows you the way to the island castle riding in the clouds.
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Dream Catcher Clock ScreenSaver v.2.4
The dream catchers originally came to us from Native Americans. They think that Dreams are the messages sent by sacred spirits. According to the legend the web of dream catcher catches good dreams and they reach the sleeper, while letting bad ones to slip away. The Dream Catcher Clock designed for the same purpose. Moreover it could be used to attract good daydreams and banish bad ones.
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Cheshire Cat Clock ScreenSaver v.2.4
The Cheshire Cat lives in magical forest near the waterfall. He likes smiling so much that his smile could exist without the cat itself. Look at the cat's disappering and cheer your moods each time you check the current time! Invite real mirracles into your life!
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Bog Watch ScreenSaver v.2.3
Someone had lost his ordinary watch near the magic pond and a miracle happened. The watch became a part of the natural environment. Now we can feel the pulse of Mother Earth and synchronize our biorythms with it. Just install the Bog Watch screensaver and check the current time!
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Nature Watch ScreenSaver v.2.4
Decorate your desktop with screen saver that brings you colorful butterflies flying over the river and funny squirrel running above the trees. Feel the fresh river air and always know the current time!
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Metropolis Clock ScreenSaver v.2.4
Oasis of ultra modern urban harmony for your pc screen! Fluffy clouds in violet sky, calming river, moving boats, flying pigeons surrounded by colorful balloons, red roses and green trees. Feel atmosphere of the holiday right here and now!
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Alarm Clock ScreenSaver v.2.4
Once upon a time a fisherman went fishing in the sea and let his alarm clock fall away. Now all sea creatures living nearby are really happy as they know exact time when the fisherman goes fishing to escape safely from his fishing net. It's one of the funniest clock screen savers.
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Delicate Clock ScreenSaver v.2.3
Have you ever seen a delicate computer screen? You can do this now with a new Delicate Clock screensaver. But beware! Delicacy flowing out of this clock is highly contagious and infects everybody with uncontrollable desire to be nice and tender!
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Warm Nature Clock ScreenSaver v.3   new
Awaken your screen with a kaleidoscope of warm colors and natural patterns. Let your spirit be lifted by this inspirational screensaver that presents you with warm energy of picturesque views. Itís about treating yourself to moments of pure enjoyment!
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Inflow Clock ScreenSaver v.2.3
The fisrt water clock was built in ancient Egypt. For many centuries, it was the best technology available for keeping time. Over time, many styles of water clocks were invented. The Inflow Clock is the latest one. It use the magical power of the water to move its hands and show the exact time!
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