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Alchemic Clock screensaver
Alchemic Clock Description

    People have thought about the wings of an everlasting life since the beginning of history. Just imagine this for a moment. Mortal stars collapse to their nebulous cores. Worlds die and worlds are born. But you live on - immortal, eternal, Godlike. Alchemic Clock screensaver recreates this idea of immortality in a digital form.

    Alchemic Clock is a wonderfully drawn clock screensaver with the cartoon-style graphics. The screensaver displays a round clock in the center with some mythological beasts turning around the clock in the anticlockwise direction. There are also some ancient texts and a table of elements with some cabbalistic characters. The characters hide a secret formula of the Philosopher's stone. Those who can read this formula can get the wings of everlasting life.

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Alchemic Clock Screenshots
Alchemic Clock Alchemic Clock screensaver shows time and the secret of Philosopher's stone!
Alchemic Clock is a wonderfully drawn screensaver with a round clock in the center, mythological beasts flying around it and cartoon-style graphics. It recreates the idea of immortality digitally. Most everyone wants to get the wings of everlasting life but only those who can reveal the secret of the Philosophers stone can actually do. The secret formula of the stone is hidden behind the cabbalistic characters, you'll see in the screensaver.

Alchemic Clock System requirements
  • Pentium or higher
  • 8 Mb Video Memory
  • 10 Mb of free hdd space
  • Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista
Alchemic Clock Features
  • No spyware, no viruses
  • Alchemic Clock
  • Philosopher's Clockwork
  • Exact time
  • Mystic scenery
  • Bewitching Colors
  • Magic Dragons
  • Rise your spirits!
  • The Time has come for alchemy!
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