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Dragon Clock screensaver v.3.0
Dragon Clock Screensaver Description

    Dragon is said to have the capability of bringing prosperity to households and businesses. He also signifies high achievement, continued success and mastery.

    With the dragon assistance, you may discover beauty and wisdom that lie within you to overcome all difficulties and use full of your potential.

    Let in this powerful animal into your life and you’ll touch the source of enthusiasm, vitality and balance. Call Dragon and feel his weight surrounding you!

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Dragon Clock Screensaver Screenshots
Dragon Clock 7art Dragon Clock screensaver - Call Dragon to feel his power surrounding you!
Dragon is capable of bringing welfare signifying success, leadership and protection. With dragon assistance you discover insight within you to use full of your potential. Let in this powerful animal into your life as a source of enthusiasm and clarity.

Dragon Clock Screensaver System requirements
  • Pentium or higher
  • 8 Mb Video Memory
  • 10 Mb of free hdd space
  • Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7
Dragon Clock Features
  • No spyware, no viruses
  • Let in this powerful animal into your life!
  • Charge your mood with positive vibrations!
  • Free of charge
  • Animated Environment
  • Exact Time
  • Decorate your computer
  • Touch the source of enthusiasm, vitality and balance!
  • Fill your life with wonders, happiness and goodness!

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